Cam Star Cash Review

I have been looking in to new affiliate programs that offer fresh and promising content. For now I am going to explore with Cam Star Cash. They offer a variety of programs to choose from including pay per lead, pay per sale and rev share. The pay per lead offers $6 for tier 1 countries, $3 for tier 2 countries and $1 for tier 3 countries. I have yet to actually send traffic but I plan on trying out the pay per lead and will report back how things go.In addition to the programs that are offered by them they also offer bonus incentives and give affiliates the ability to earn 2.5% of their earnings.

I have browsed through some of the landing pages that Cam Star Cash offers and I must say I find them refreshing from what many of the other affiliate programs are currently offering. I haven’t had a chance to really speak to anyone so I am also curious to see what kind of support they give their affiliates.

Wish me luck and I will report back soon on how Cam Star Cash is measuring up to the other cam leaders in the industry.

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