DatingGold Affiliate Review

Have an adult online program that just isn’t turning out the profit you want? Need to expand your advertising, but aren’t sure how? Wishing to associate with an affiliate marketing site that actually delivers what it promises? I’d recommend doing exactly what I’ve done – stumble across DatingGold and start widening your wallet!

As one of the best dating and webcam affiliate programs on the web, DatingGold rises above the competition with its stylish looks, excellent resources and popular affiliated sites. I’m not exaggerating; some of the sites affiliated with DatingGold are legendary in the adult dating community, so I knew from the start I’d be turning a profit. You can clearly see, too, the kind of amazing promo tools each site employs. Whether its text ads, flash ads, banners or dozens of other advertisement methods, the sites hinge their success on the great set of tools provided by DatingGold. Amazingly, I was able to access those same tools when I joined DatingGold – and let me tell you, it was like letting a kid loose in a candy store. From the iFrame Generators to RSS Feeds, there was always something more for me to add and improve.

One of my favorite things about DatingGold is their well-developed first 3-Tier program. This means you can always be earning even more money, regardless of what specific program you choose! So whether you want to be paid for free signups, paid signup, registration or recurring subscription, sleep easy knowing you’ll always be getting a little extra cash – thanks to their 3-tiered program!

One of the other big reasons I preferred to use DatingGold over other affiliate programs was the freedom of selection. Not only can you choose the payment program you want, but you can choose the site as well – and each site has a different pay per membership, meaning different payment for you. This leads to another great extra I found on this site, which was its payment leniency. Depending on your traffic they always offer a potential increase in payment for each program so as I proved that I had quality traffic my payout was increased drastically. Obviously any program that makes its affiliates happy will keep them for life and that is why they make it their goal to help each and every affiliate succeed to the best of their ability.

How do you get paid? Any way you want! Select your own payment method, either through a mailed check, banking system, or online money-sending program like Payoneer or Paxum. By the way, the signup is free – so you are literally raking in money without any cost to you!

When it comes to affiliate marketing sites, I would recommend DatingGold a thousand times over. From its great resources to its amazing programs, the site was everything and more I wanted out of an affiliate. To top it off they have a committed team who works fast to answer your questions and help in any way they can. I have been with DatingGold for years now and have yet to have any problems.

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