LoadedCash Affiliate Review

Webmasters, did you know there’s a way to make even more money from your site? Did you know you can get paid every month, without lifting a finger? I spent years looking for ways to turn an extra buck; don’t waste your time the way I did! Sign up for LoadedCash and start getting paid! I have always dabbled in the adult market and had traffic which made me a few backs here and there but never was completely satisfied with it. LoadedCash was actually the first affiliate program that I ever worked with and I definitely got it right from the start.

I’ve long been wary of affiliate programs for my own sites, but since I’ve taken the leap of faith and signed up for LoadedCash, the cash has literally been piling up! By promoting their excellent dating sites and encouraging new members to sign up, I get to rake in the dough. From the beginning, I didn’t have to worry about the site turning out a profit for me; the staff there works hard to ensure that their dating sites are some of the top-visited sites in the industry that continue to bring in thousands of new visitors each month. In fact, having LoadedCash as a marketing affiliate is like having your very own money tree!

Of course anyone can claim to seriously be the best affiliate program but proving it by actually seeing what they have to offer is another story. LoadedCash offers a variety of sites, web tools and other resources needed to help you make a profit. From ad creators to banners to custom landing pages, the marketing resources you’ll find here are enough to make any site stand out. Have trouble coming up with your own content, or just need a little something extra on your site? They even provide dating profiles, free content sets and promo text. The list of tools from LoadedCash is enough to impress even the most OCD site owner!

The site also strikes gold on its diverse set of signup programs. I found I could get paid a percentage for every referral or sale, constantly generating my own revenue. If I wanted more concrete terms of cash, though, I could also get paid a set sum for every free account and signup. LoadedCash doesn’t skimp on the deals especially since they are currently offering $2 – $6 per free lead. They know every site is different, and they’ve developed programs that allow them to cater to your personal needs. Whether you get paid via check, bank wire, Payoneer or Paxum, their affiliate program is guaranteed to make you money! You can even market them to other webmasters to earn a percentage of their overall payouts. What more could you ask for?

Whether you are just breaking in to the business for the first time or just looking for a new affiliate program to try out I personally dare you to give LoadedCash a try. I have been with them for nearly 6 years and have never had an issue. If I needed content, banners or anything else that they could help me with then they made it happen. I work with Paul and he really pushes to bring new offers and incentives to the table for all of their affiliates.

Looking for an affiliate program that will sit down and have a real conversation with you? Take the time to answer your questions, help get you the most money for your traffic and really consider you a friend? Give LoadedCash a try today!

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