New LoadedCash Promo (HUGE OFFERS)

LoadedCash has listened to their current affiliates and potential ones and have decided to reinstate the Pay Per Lead program. However, since some traffic just doesn’t work well with this particular offer we have teamed up with Loaded Cash to offer you the chance to test your traffic to see what will work best for everyone. If you are a new affiliate you can currently reap the great benefits that are being offered for new members. If you are interested in applying for the pay per lead program simply signup HERE and then email me with your USER ID. For the first week you will be paid $60 on any sales that are generated during the test phase and then $55 afterwards. This allows your affiliate manager to view your traffic to determine if its a good fit for the Pay Per Lead program and gives you the maximum amount of cash for your traffic. Since most companies only pay $30 – $35 on PPS even for their top earners this gives you the chance to make some BIG BUCKS! The pay per lead options will vary depending on amount but the standards will be as follows:

Male/female profiles 25+ US, UK, AU, CA (desktop) $4 per confirmed lead
Male/female profiles 25+ US, UK, AU, CA (mobile) $2 per confirmed lead
If you are bored of your current affiliate program then give LoadedCash a try!

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