Plugrush Review

PlugRush was founded in 2007 and is a popular traffic brokering site. Webmasters can buy or sell clicked, mobile or popunder traffic very easily and quickly. They allow webmasters to trade traffic as well. I decided to do a test with them awhile back and purchased some popunder traffic. I sent the traffic to one of my Chaturbate whitelabel sites and was pleased with the testing results. I normally don’t buy or sell traffic but after talking to a couple friends that buy traffic from Plugrush regularly and have always seen profitable results it gave me the push I needed to test them out.

As for you guys that already have traffic coming to your site let me tell you what you are missing by not giving Plugrush a try: a way to earn something from those people who come to your site and never open their wallets. Plugrush does not just sell and trade traffic, they buy it as well.

They also have an affiliate program. By referring other webmasters to them, you can earn income whether they earn money or spend money. You’ll earn 5% lifetime revshare on all their earnings or spending. They pay out monthly via Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal Mass-pay or wire transfer.

I haven’t used them much but as I write this I am thinking, “Well WTF, maybe I should”. I have heard a lot more good things about Plugrush than bad so I am going to give them my recommendation. I hear so many people ask me on a daily basis how they can get traffic to their site. Well one good option is right here. Their traffic is real and lots of people purchase, sell and trade traffic with them so it’s definitely worth a try.

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