Pay Per Lead

While there are many affiliate programs that offer pay per lead there are only a few who really offer a good deal for their affiliates and pay top rates. Keep in mind that each program has different terms of services and qualifications for the pay per lead so always read the rules before ever starting. Especially since many of them require a free to paid ratio otherwise you may be switched to pay per sale without even knowing it. I will be adding more this week just haven’t had time to update it yet.

Dating Gold is one of the biggest and most well established programs that offer a pay per lead offer. They currently offer $2 – $7 per free lead depending on your traffic and which site that you are promoting. They have several different sites to advertise including Amateur Match, Spice or Nice, WebCamClub, XXXDating and tons more. If you have traffic that generates a ton of leads then this is the place for you. Also anyone who is not using Dating Gold should definitely give them a try during their May 15th – May 30th Pay Per Lead $9 Promo! That’s crazy. Want to earn big? Check out Dating Gold today!

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