Thick Cash Review

Are you looking for a new program to run? If so you should definitely consider giving Thick Cash a try. This is a new company that I am currently working with and first impression really is worth a 1000 words. Upon speaking with Jim, affiliate owner at Thick Cash I had all of my questions answered immediately which is a nice change from many of the companies that owners tend  to be too busy or preoccupied to give top notch support and rely on others to handle everything. So for me this was something refreshing and I found admirable.

The tools that are available at Thick Cash I find impressive and is one of the reasons that many affiliate see high success rates. They currently offer a couple different programs to choose from such as the 60% rev share for life or $30 on PPS and if you have the ability to refer other webmasters you can earn 5% for life. These percentages can be increased based on your volume so if you can bring it they have the cash waiting.

A few of their sites include,,,, and just to name a few. Whether you need flash banners, hosted galleries, tube videos or active RSS fees they have it all.

Looking for something new to help convert your traffic in to paid sales? Give Thick Cash a try today!

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